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Class Name  401-Online Research, Best Practices & Innovations
Description  The Internet is becoming an integral part of all businesses and marketing research is no exception. New and existing research companies are rapidly transforming traditional research methodologies to take advantage of the Internet. As a result, this course is essential for all researchers who want to know the best practices in this area. The advantages and disadvantages of online research are discussed. Several innovative methods using the Internet are presented along with the new web 2.0 social applications. Major topics covered in this course include: • Internet penetration and usage • Techniques used to conduct research online • Advantages and disadvantages of conducting research online • Common pitfalls of online research • Costing online research • Reliability of online research • Parallel testing • Applications of online research • Web site based research • Secondary research on the Internet • Online research panels • Subscriber based studies • Online tracking research • Online qualitative research • Social networking sites
Class Start:  7/28/2011
Class End:  8/28/2020

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