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Class Name  302-Market Intelligence
Description  Market intelligence is the "new" market research – it goes beyond traditional qualitative and quantitative research, and encompasses understanding a powerful collection of internal and external information, and using analytical techniques to analyze that information. Market intelligence, done well, plays a key role in corporate decision making. Becoming competent in the market intelligence area means that market researchers elevate their position, and use a broad range of business consultative skills. This course will provide a managerial level understanding of the basics of MI, and the tools and techniques to undertake it effectively. Market intelligence comes from the strategic use of a carefully analyzed collection of key information. It is imperative to better decision making, success, and even survival for firms today. Interest and investment in market intelligence is increasing, as firms see its power and benefit. Solid market intelligence can dramatically impact a company’s success. A client firm that embraces business intelligence uses it at all levels of the organization fostering a culture where everyone thinks “intelligence”, and contributes to its evolution. A research firm that offers the enhanced service of MI offers better value to their client.
Class Start:  11/8/2011
Class End:  2/14/2020

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